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Aug 12, 2018

In our last episode, Jenny Mire shared her insight on the mental health aspect of fitness and how it’s an everyday occurrence for most women. She shared the reasons why women tend to have anxiety around food, the effects of stress and anxiety on our metabolism, as well as provided some tips on how to improve your mental health.

Today, Jenny explains what emotional eating is and how it can adversely affect our overall health. She shares how emotional eating starts and why women are its usual victims. To combat this health issue, Jenny also offers advice on what we should do to help stop emotional eating even before it starts.


"When you're eating because you're physically hungry you know how much you've eaten, you know when you're full, and you know when to stop.” Jenny Mire


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is emotional eating and why is it detrimental to our health
  • Why emotional eating is more common in women.
  • The signs of emotional eating
  • Is having eating issues a common denominator for a lot of women?
  • What happens when you recognize your food triggers?
  • The importance of having friends as a support system.
  • What she recommends to start addressing emotional eating.


Key Takeaways:

  • Food as a reward is alright occasionally. When it's a regular occurrence or when you hide it, it becomes a problem.
  • Sometimes you totally will fail and it's okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself. So long as you get back on your track, you’ll be fine.
  • Once you identify your triggers, you turn the table on them.


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