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FitFluential Radio - The Intersection of Health, Wellness and Fitness




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Oct 3, 2016

Welcome to the first episode of FitFluential Radio! The FitFluential Radio Podcast is the brainchild of Founder and CEO of FitFluential, Kelly Olexa and podcast host Kevin Cottrell. The show will air Monday through Friday each week and will be filled with practical and actionable advice, information, resources, and tools that you can use each and every day to improve your health, wellness, and fitness level.

Our intention with this show is to provide you with meaningful conversations and interviews that will educate, demystify, explain, and simplify a variety of complex health, fitness, and wellness issues that are being discussed daily.


This is not your typical network interviews podcast. We’re going to ask the hard questions.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Our goals for the show.
  • Examples of our upcoming guest interview lineup
  • About FitFluential
  • What’s in store in future episodes.
  • Why we are passionate to bring you the best, most updated information, tools, and resources in the industry.


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