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Jan 29, 2018

Amanda Tress is a digital marketing consultant, mom of two wonderful children, and a personal trainer. Her passion revolves around improving the health and wellness of her clients. She’s been doing this for over ten years and transformed so many lives, more than just the physical aspect, but also when it comes to self-esteem and having a positive mindset.

Today, Amanda tells us how she got into this type of career, her struggles of maintaining her level of fitness after having her first child, what she advises to her clients when they come to her the first time, and provide some tips on how to keep the family as fit and healthy as they can get.


“When I had my kids, I really wanted to set a foundation and develop healthy lifestyle habits as early as possible.” Amanda Tress



In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Amanda, though an athlete and enthusiastic about exercise, lacked understanding of nutrition. Because of this, she was physically strong but had plenty of health issues particularly on her blood sugar.
  • After learning about nutrition, she also found out about intermittent fasting and she never looked back.
  • Being a personal trainer doesn’t mean she gets to exercise whenever she wants. Often times, her time is divided between training her clients and taking care of her family which leaves little time for her own fitness activities.
  • Every single person is different. Your lifestyle affects how much success you're going to have specially when it comes to fitness.
  • Being fit is not always about doing the best exercise or having the perfect diet. Sometimes you have to find out what’s causing you to have health issues first before you proceed to move forward.
  • Amanda tells us what worked for her before she had kids didn’t work after. She had to adjust without sacrificing her family or her fitness.
  • She motivates her clients by telling them to maintain a positive perspective and to set long-term goals.
  • Even stopping to consider what we're thankful for one time can reduce cortisol levels by 23% which is important for weight loss and overall wellness.
  • When eating treats, it’s important to teach your kids not to eat them mindlessly. Lay down some rules on when to eat them and why.
  • Probiotics are good but not all probiotics are created equal. Do your research before buying anything for health purposes.


Key Takeaways:

  • Being strong is more important than being pretty.
  • Sometimes we just need a little bit of an intermission from all the busyness of life.


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