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May 6, 2018

One look at Josh Chewning and you’d think he’s the kind of guy that has a good life and never struggled with anything. His infectious energy and smiles do a great job at hiding the fact that he’s a cancer survivor and that he once struggled to get his life back.

In part 2 of our episode, Josh tells us his cancer survival story, how he found out he got cancer, the emotions that stirred inside of him, and why he thinks pain and struggle will only make you a better person.

"You just gotta endure the storm and then the sun's gonna come up again.” Josh Chewning

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Josh was at the best shape of his life and felt everything was in place. He was even the Assistant Youth Pastor at his Church so it was a complete shock to him to find out he had cancer.
  • It began when he was in the shower and he accidentally brushed over his "junk" which felt like he got kicked. He then went to YouTube and did a search on how to feel your testicles for lumps then he felt the lump in the shower again that night.
  • It came to a point where his conditioned worsened as his left testicle got harder and bigger each day. He got checked by two doctors and tests indicated he has cancer and that he needs to get the tumor removed right away because it's spreading fast.
  • His faith prevented him from feeling fear from the things he'll be going through. The one thing he feared the most was how much he would be a burden to his wife who was a student at the time.
  • His wife Amber would write down everything about the procedure because John was still unable to move on from the news of his cancer.
  • It was a juggle between being a cancer patient and being a responsible adult to keep his life moving on.
  • When he got through his first day of chemo, that's when he realized how torturous the procedure was and how it would feel so much longer than it should.
  • When you’re in doubt, don't be a tough guy and pretend there's nothing wrong. Get help and go through the procedure no matter how overwhelming those odds could be. You have to do what it takes to win your life back. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Hearing somebody else who have gone through a dire situation and survived means a lot when it comes to feeling better.
  • Pain and Struggle allows you to give birth to a new version of yourself.

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