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Jan 19, 2018

Our incredibly inspiring guest today is Malik Yoba. Malik is a successful actor, musician, educator, inspirational speaker, author, director, producer, activist, and entrepreneur. Since his younger years, Malik has strongly believed that he has a social and personal responsibility to helping others. This belief has lead him through a life of volunteerism, community activism, service, and entrepreneurship.

In 2013, Malik co-founded Iconic32 – a marketing firm specializing in content strategy, business development strategy and branding, and experiential marketing. He has been recognized or worked with numerous familiar faces and organizations including former president Bill Clinton, the United States Congress, the mayor of New York City, the NYPD, Unicef, McDonald’s Black Achievers, Hail House, and many others. Malik has been accredited in over 30 movies including Blue in the Face, Cool Runnings, and SoulFood, is a veteran of 13 cable network television shows including Alphas, and is currently working on the ABC series Designated Survivor.


“You have to look at the beginning so you can understand the DNA that has built the space you find yourself in.” – Malik Yoba


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What sparked his interest in the health, fitness, and wellness sector.
  • Is working out for him a means of enjoyment or a “means to an end?”
  • How does he mix up his workout routine?
  • What has been his experience in spinning classes and how does he believe it differs from SoulCycling.
  • What does he do to find healthy food alternatives while on the location of a movie or television set?
  • How he feels about his health and fitness level now, and in the future, compared to how he felt when he was 30 years old?
  • Why he’s so passionate about introspection and self-examination.


Mentioned in This Episode:


Key Takeaway:

  • If you feel like you were at your bet when you were younger – there’s something wrong.
  • Introspection and self-examination are just as important as eating well, sleeping, exercising, managing finances, praying and spiritual growth.


Connect with Malik:


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