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Feb 19, 2018

Jim Klopman is all about training for balance. He was always the thrill seeker - engaging in activities and sports that challenge the balance system of our body. He always thought it was a psychological issue, but a brain scan said otherwise. Doctors said he had brain damage comparable to that of a former football player. He was then asked to do balance training, something he’s been doing for a very long time. This would explain his penchant for balance-challenging activities and would go on to help others get their balance back.

Today, Jim talks about the balance system in our body, how to improve it, how to turn it around, and how it affects performance in business and sports.


"The best athletes have the best balance.” Jim Klopman


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why he trains for balance.
  • What is the “autonomic” system?
  • Why you’re technically not standing “still”
  • Why do we stumble or fall? How do you improve your balance limit?
  • Is it better to run on an unexpected surface?
  • How much of the body is involved in balance?
  • The difference between training an athletic person and an older person.
  • The little things you can do to train your balance now.
  • Why we should be barefoot as much as possible.


Key Takeaways:

  • Over 50% of emergency room cases from patients age 45 years and above are due to a fall.
  • When you balance train you're just reactivating a sleeping software system and you get better so fast.
  • All human balance is on one foot or the other.


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