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Apr 30, 2018

Dr. Mike Roussell knows the nutrition game. On top of being a nutrition expert, Mike is also an author of several books as well as a nutrition adviser for Men’s Health and Shape magazines. He believes in the idea of what he calls the “Psychology of Nutrition” or the mental aspect of eating and dieting. He actually did a research on the eating behaviors of ordinary people, ordinary being people who aren’t really into the whole health and fitness mindset yet. He found out the hardest part of maintaining a diet was not planning or crafting the right nutrition plan rather it was the doing of the nutrition that people find most difficult.

Today, Mike talks about the idea behind the Psychology of Nutrition, the difference between physiological and hedonic hunger, and what food logistics is. He describes the Rate Limiting step of nutrition as well as why he thinks people have a misguided focus on their wellness.


"The psychology of nutrition is an extremely interesting and untapped area of food and nutrition.” Dr. Mike Roussell


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Tracking nutrition in whatever detail you want is fine.
  • People are too obsessed with how many calories they eat that they lack sleep and not exercise. This makes counting calories not matter.
  • Mike describes the Rate Limiting Step of nutrition by comparing it to when you overeat, but you focus on work to rest ratio when the focus should be on the “overeating” part. People need to focus on what's limiting them, what's holding them back.
  • People base their decision on food based on level of wholesomeness instead of nutrition.
  • A lot of gluten-free foods aren't really all that much healthier.
  • Pay attention to hunger and stop eating in front of a screen. It will make you focus on the food you're eating and will help you satiate faster.
  • Physiological hunger is when the body has a need for calories and nutritional sustenance. Reward driven or Hedonic hunger is when your body doesn't need any calories, but you eat because it makes you feel better.
  • Food logistics is knowing how you get the right meals for you at the right times during the day, every day.
  • Good food isn't just going to magically appear in front of you unless you prepare it first.


Key Takeaways:

  • To be successful in nutrition there has to be some gray. There is no "just" in nutrition.
  • People need to listen to their body's signals which we just don't do as much as we should.
  • Pre-planning your meals will make your nutrition more about execution and not figuring out.


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