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Jun 2, 2018

Stacey Krawczyk is a self-proclaimed “farm girl foodie” with a passion for balancing nutrition, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and the regular enjoyment of food. Stacey is a mother of four very active, athletic school age children, and a Registered Dietitian with the Kellogg company. She specializes in nutrition communication and strategy and trends translation, protein nutrition, public speaking, and training.

Stacey is the Nutrition Marketing team leader at the Kellogg company, and joins us today to share her tips, ideas, and insight on nutrition, moderation, and “keeping it real” when it comes to making fitness and nutrition decisions.




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This episode was made possible by Kellogg’s – the company you have known and trusted for all your healthy, nutritional breakfast choices for over 100 years. Kellogg’s is committed to transparency and wants you to know what’s in your food, where the ingredients come from, and how it’s prepared.

To learn more about how Kellogg’s is making your favorite foods better, visit and ask a question today.

  • over ten months ago
    Wow, this podcast was really surprising. Typically I enjoy these podcasts and the information you are sharing, but this was awful.... The dietitian's responses sounded robotic. All I could think was how everything she said must have been pre approved by Kellog......and lo and behold, Kellog is sponsoring fitfluential....I don't know why I thought this podcast was based in Paleo philosophy but I suppose I was mistaken. Overall, the podcast interview was awkward and fake.... And Kelly tried so hard. Too bad. Sad to see you bothered to broadcast it.