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May 10, 2018

Dutch DeGay used to be a soldier for the U.S. Army until he had a career-ending injury due to a misdiagnosed broken ankle. Being a soldier made him “tough it out”, thinking it was just a sprain. He eventually succumbed to the kind of lifestyle that’s the exact opposite of what he had in the army: He had access to the comforts of home and had lots of food around. It wasn’t until he ended up putting on an extra 90 lbs. of weight (totaling to 255 lbs. overall) that he realized something had to change.

Change happened quick due to his previous experience as a soldier but his mindset wasn’t able to cope with reality of being a civilian just yet, so he again gained all his weight back and more. His second transformation would stick around this time.

Today we’re going to discuss exactly what he did to finally maintain his second transformation and his tips on how to not just achieve your goals but to maintain them for long term.


“It doesn't matter what you use to motivate yourself; it's only that you motivate yourself.” Dutch DeGay



In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Dutch DeGay initially went the old fashioned way and took potent fat burners like Ephedra to get his initial body back.
  • His first transformation was short-lived due to his “unevolved” mindset. He said he trained his body but not his brain for long-term which caused him to go back to where he started and more.
  • You need to modify not just your diet and training but also the way you look at your goals if you want your success to stay permanent.
  • It’s important to “have a mark on the wall”, a personification of the type of fitness you’re after. Even if you don’t get the exact same look, it’s the journey that counts. Dutch ended up eating triathlons for breakfast when he had a mark.
  • You have to remember fitness is not something you can achieve within a few days or weeks. You slowly train your brain to understand that's where you're going to go. You're setting yourself up for failure if you don't evolve your way of thinking.
  • To be genuinely concerned over someone’s weight problem – and how it’s affecting their health and happiness - isn’t fat shaming.
  • You are free to reward yourself but try not to do it by consuming too much of the things that made you huge in the first place. Some rewards include taking a photo of yourself as you progress or writing a note or logging your training achievements for the day. You can use those as motivators in the future and inspiration for others.
  • Social media helps when it comes to meeting likeminded individuals across the globe.


Key Takeaways:

  • Short, medium, and long term goals are important in reaching the goals you plan for yourself.
  • You have to make the mental effort to say your health is a priority. There's no better effective body than a fit one.
  • We end up killing ourselves before we even get started. You have to focus on motivating yourself thru having the proper mindset.
  • Fitness is a pillar, not the pillar of your life. You have to get a life outside and enjoy it



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